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Abolish Gender!

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All people are born with bodies, and those bodies vary in an infinite variety of ways. A large number of bodies include - among many other body parts - some form of mechanism for producing eggs or sperm. But some bodies contain neither or both or something between the two, and all bodies contain many other body parts as well, and even the different mechanisms for producing eggs and sperm themselves vary humongously widely.

But our society misuses this infinite biological variety to sort us into two social castes: a "male" caste, which is assigned certain clothes, pronouns, sexual preferences, career types, behavioral patterns, and salary ranges; and a "female" caste, which is assigned certain other clothes, pronouns, sexual preferences, career types, more submissive behavioral patterns, and lower salary ranges. The identity of the female caste revolves around dependence on and service to the master (male) caste, and although people who conform with it get some compensations, the compensations ultimately are for a life of abject slavery.

Our caste is assigned to us at birth, and babies whose bodies fail to fit neatly into the two-caste system are surgically carved up by doctors just to assign them a caste. People assigned to either caste who fail to conform their behavior to their assigned caste are severely punished, often openly physically brutalized. This brutality is largely officially condoned and even encouraged by societal and governmental authorities, such as with Brandon Teena, who was raped and then murdered because ey dared to claim any of the status and privilege and protections afforded to the male caste, and this was a heinous crime they wanted to rape em back into "her" place for. The police and the judicial system condoned this. Furthermore, approximately 50% of homeless people are queer, transgendered, intersexed, lesbian, gay, or bi (in other words, in some way significantly gender transgressive) and in the vast majority of the United States, it's completely entirely legal and accepted that employers will fire any employees who fail to conform to the behaviors designated for their assigned gender castes.

In this community we're conspiring to overthrow and abolish that caste system and create a genderfree nation (and world!). We're conspiring to abolish gendered dress codes, gendered language, gendered career segregation, gendered behavioral patterns, gendered sexual preferences, and the gender salary gap. When gender is abolished, sex reassignment surgery will no longer have any effect on how you're treated by others, because you won't be treated in a gendered way to begin with. When gender is abolished, heterosexuality and homosexuality will cease to exist. A sexual preference for a particular gender is just as socially constructed as a sexual preference for blondeness or thinness - all these preferences are instilled by our culture, and all these preferences do not exist in most mammal societies nor in some human societies prior to the spread of Western and Judeo-Christian ideas.

Joining this community constitutes a statement that you agree with all the ideas outlined above. People who disagree with the ideas should go express their disagreement somewhere else. There are plenty of other communities for people who wish to defend the existence of gender castes, but this community is not one of them.

All entries posted in this community should relate specifically to opposing the existence of the gender system, not just to the broader topic of changing from one gender to another within the gender system.